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Beverage Filler Machine

Beverage Filler Machine

This beverage filler machine is used for the filling production of PET bottled carbonated drinks and soda water, integrates washing, filling and capping. Production capacity: 2000-18000bph.

Beverage Filler Machine

Beverage Filler Machine Features

1. The beverage filler equipment is controlled by PLC, and the filling process is such that no bottle is not sent without cap.

2. The parts in contact with the materials are made of food grade stainless steel 304.

3. The overall structure adopts an open machine design, which is smooth and concise.

Beverage Filler Machine

4. The screw is used to feed the bottle, which ensures that the bottle feeds more smoothly.

5. The filling part adopts the bottom of the bottle and the centering device to ensure the accurate filling level.

6. The capping part adopts reverse rotation and then forward rotation, and the sealing does not damage the cap.

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