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Beverage Carton Packing Machine

Introduction to Beverage Carton Packing Machine:

The beverage carton packing machine is a strong packing machine that can be applied to beverage cartons of different specifications. The beverage bottles in the whole column are effectively transferred to the top of the carton. According to the packing requirements, the automatic positioning is ensured by the positioning device to ensure that the packaged products fall into the package. The carton and beverage packing machine adopt PLC+ touch display control, and there is a bottle shortage alarm device, and there is no bottle and no box for safety protection. The beverage carton packing machine is very convenient to operate, manage, reduce production personnel and labor intensity.

Beverage Carton Packing Machine

Technical Characteristics of the Beverage Carton Packing Machine:

1. According to the packing requirements, the products can be arranged automatically.

2. The design is novel and compact. Flexible boxing by means of a box buffer

3. The beverage cartoning machine is suitable for a wide range of products and can be used for a variety of product packaging.

4. The beverage cartoning machine is especially suitable for use with the packaging line and is easy to move.

5. Computer program control, simple operation, stable operation.

6. Suitable for all kinds of beverage bottles.

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