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Beer Can Filler

Beer Can Filler

This beer can filler is mainly used for filling and sealing tinplate cans and aluminum cans. The beer can filling equipment is suitable for canned beer, carbonated beverages, fruit juices, functional beverages, etc.

Beer Can Filler

The beer production equipment adopts the principle of negative pressure filling, with fast filling speed, less material loss and good sealing quality. The beer can filling machine has the characteristics of stable operation, convenient operation and fast production speed.

Can Filling Machine Features

1. The filling time and parameters can be set freely

2. Submerged filling can effectively prevent the generation of foam

3. The control system adopts PLC programmable controller, touch screen man-machine interface, and provides multiple memory areas.

4. The key components are imported from Europe and America.

5. Automatic shutdown function when there is no bottle, the equipment is easy to clean, easy to disassemble and wash

6. The beer can filling machine is made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, in line with GMP operating standards

7. According to customer’s tank shape and filling requirements, it can be matched with our capping machine for special design.

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