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Barreled Water Production Line Maintenance

In order to meet the needs of the vast majority of mineral water plants and pure water manufacturers, Chenyu Machinery introduced and absorbed the advanced technology of the brush barrel puller at home and abroad, combined with the actual conditions of the existing manufacturers and the requirements of the drinking water industry management, developed series of barreled water production line.

Barreled Water Production Line Maintenance

Barreled Water Production Line Maintenance:

1. Regularly check the cleanliness of the capping head and loosen the connection screws between the capping head and the cylinder;

2. If there are individual buckets in the process of use that cannot be pulled down, the bottleneck may be abnormal in size; if it is found that batch buckets and caps are difficult to separate, check whether the connection between the capping head and the cylinder is loose and shifting. The source pressure is lower than 5Mpa;

3. During the use of the host, do not put your hand into the capping head to avoid straining during work.

4. When brush bucket puller maintenance, please close the air source, so as not to damage the equipment or cause personal injury;

5. It is forbidden to use the pump in the absence of water, and it is prohibited to reverse the brush;

6. Keep the water tank clean, no dirt can enter the water tank;

7. Check the sealing performance of the outer brush shaft is good;

8. Check the electrical components of the brush barrel capper once a month to ensure that it is always in use.

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