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Automatic Wine Bottling Machine

Automatic Wine Bottling Machine

The automatic wine bottling machine is mainly composed of transmission platform, liquid filling, filling valve body, filling tray and bottom transmission structure. Wine bottling line microcomputer sets the parameters, the wine bottles are conveyed to the filling machine through the transmission line; and the wine bottles are sent to the tray through the bottle setting device. The tray gradually rises, and the filling head is opened to start the filling. After the filling is completed, the bottle passes Pull the bottle device, the wine bottle enters the transmission line.

Automatic Wine Bottling Machine

The wine filling machine has two methods of electrical uniform volume adjustment and single filling valve body fine-tuning the filling volume, and the measurement is accurate. In addition, this equipment becomes a semi-automatic filling machine after removing the bottle-extracting device, and the bottle-extracting device can be disassembled or replaced according to actual needs. Equipped with an elastic bottle holding device, which is not restricted by the height of the bottle. The bottle puller is equipped with a bottle jam protection device to automatically shut down and alarm when abnormal.

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