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Automatic Liquor Bottling Equipment

Automatic Liquor Bottling Equipment

This automatic liquor bottling equipment is suitable for liquid quantitative filling of different bottle types, such as: liquor, vodka, whiskey, etc.

Automatic Liquor Bottling Equipment

Automatic Liquor Bottling Machine Features

1. High precision: when the calibration volume is 500ml, the average error is ±1.5ml.

2. The filling volume is accurate, using imported digital display and encoder, and the filling volume is directly reflected on the control panel.

3. Large capacity: The filling volume can be steplessly adjusted between 100-750 ml.

4. Large range: suitable for the filling of a variety of special-shaped bottles and bottles of different diameters; the middle pillar is adjustable and can meet the filling of bottles of different heights without replacing parts.

Automatic Liquor Bottling Equipment

5. No liquid loss: the liquid is sprayed on the inner wall of the bottle without hops and spills.

6. No broken bottles: The world’s most advanced soft support mechanism (elastic support device) is not restricted by bottle height and shortness, and the bottle is not in place, and the machine will not be broken.

7. Self-control liquid level: float level control valve device to control the liquid level stably.

8. Equipped with automatic protection: overload clutch protection device is installed at the dial wheel of the bottle in and out, and it will automatically stop and alarm when abnormal conditions occur

9. Beautiful appearance: All parts in contact with liquid and exposed parts of this liquor bottling machine are made of SUS304 stainless steel to ensure that the filled liquid is not contaminated and meets food hygiene standards.

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