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Automatic Labeling Machine

Automatic Labeling Machine Description:

As the automatic labeling machine uses a combination of cutting-edge technologies,and high-performance components-ultra small intertia servo motor,the system by Simens programmable logic controller professionl closed-loop control of servo motors,the use of advanced human-computer interface system implement human and computer’s conversation,during the host was rushed to the label speed control process,it can reach 0.01m/min accuracy class,rather than the general machiney of 1m/min,a single machine in this regard to imprve both the accuracy class;and an this side,the machine use ultra-small inerta servo motor,the speed between 0.5-40m/minute can be adjusted number under the large-scaie to meet your production line speed,so an to achiebe real high-speed labeling.

Automatic Labeling Machine

Automatic Labeling Machine Technical Parameters:
Labeling direction Double sided
Labeling accuracy ±1.0mm
Labeling speed (bottle/min) 20-80
Label speed (m/min) ≤38
Label type Sticker, transparent or opaque label
Weight (kg) 250
Label inner roll size (mm) 76
Label outer roll size (mm) 360
Power (W) 800
Voltage AC220V 50/60HZ Simplex
Machine size (mm) L2000*W1300*H1500
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