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Automatic Carbonated Drinks Bottling Machine

Automatic Carbonated Drinks Bottling Machine

The carbonated drinks bottling machine adopts the advanced micro-negative pressure gravity filling principle, which is fast, stable and accurate; it is equipped with a complete material return system, which can also achieve independent air return during return, without contact with materials, reducing materials Secondary pollution and oxidation. The gas-containing beverage filling equipment adopts a magnetic torque-type capping head to realize the functions of capping and capping.

Automatic Carbonated Drinks Bottling Machine

Composition of carbonated drinks bottling equipment:

1. water treatment system,
2. blending system,
3. drinks mixing system
4. automatic bottle blowing machine
5. wind conveyor line
6. cap conveying sterilizer
7. cap cleaning machine
8. bottle washing
9. 3 In 1 carbonated drinks bottling machine
10. bottle warming machine
11. blow dryer,
12. sleeve labeling machines
13. inkjet printers
14. palletizers
15. winding machines
16. solid bottle conveying systems
17. box conveying systems
18. electrical control systems

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