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Alcohol Filling Machine

Alcohol Filling Machine

The alcohol filling machine adopts a constant speed, adjustable quantification accuracy, easy to grasp and accurate quantification; the parts that may be in contact with the liquid are made of high-quality stainless steel to ensure that the liquid is not contaminated.

Alcohol Filling Machine

Alcohol Filling Machine Features

1. Easy to clean: The filling valve is opened independently, which is convenient for the whole machine to clean.

2. Large range: large bottle height, diameter size range, large filling capacity range, and filling liquid level guaranteed.

3. No dripping: tight and reliable sealing, broken or leaking bottles, and no bottles automatically without filling and no spilling.

4. Liquid level: low vacuum and negative pressure filling, the filling valve liquid level is adjustable, and the liquid level is consistent.

5. No bottle breaking: elastic bottle holding, filling principle, overpressure offset, bottle height error automatically adapts.

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Filling machine
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