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Accurate positioning of the technical gap between Chinese and foreign water filling machine

Since the founding of new China, until the subsequent reform and opening up and market economy, gave China’s economic development has brought more and better environment, with the national policy support and guidance, China’s water filling machine industry through these years,gradually developed rapidly. As the necessary support for the commodity economy, China’s packaging industry is also under the premise of this ever-changing demand, has been high-speed development. Filling machine as a packaging machine industry within a class of important equipment, has become China’s current commodity packaging market, one of the most popular packaging equipment, and by virtue of a strong growth momentum, accounting for most of the sales.

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So far, China’s water filling machine technology is also constantly developing.The improvement of technology and the improvement of function brings more convenience,So that more industries and enterprises in the production of goods can be used to fill the packaging machine,Especially some of the wine, drinks, condiments, dairy products and edible oil, medicine, etc., can be used to carry out a wide range of packaging machine.For different attributes and specifications of the commodity packaging needs, water filling machine also according to the different needs of the product segmentation, specifically for different goods packaging filling machine has also emerged, Such as edible oil filling machine, yogurt filling machine and other professional equipment has also been introduced in the market to win a wide range of praise.
Now our country’s major water filling machine enterprises in order to better serve the public, after many study technology, update production equipment, compared to the previous few years have a qualitative leap. And the emergence of high-tech, high-quality,automated water filling machine production line.China’s many liquid food filling machine manufacturers have been able to meet the requirements of the food industry, and some excellent production of liquid filling machine has begun export trade.In terms of liquid filling machines, the most common filling process on the market today is the vacuum filling machine and the direct filling machine, and vacuum filling can be applied to a variety of different materials and shapes of filling containers.In recent years, the major companies are more stringent requirements on the filling process, in order to meet the needs of different types of market to provide effective filling methods.In the exploration of the development process, we have to spare no effort to carry out technological innovation and development, so that China’s liquid filling machine to a higher level.
Compared with the foreign water filling machine, China’s water filling machine production enterprises to produce the product range is still very small, technology also has no small gap, the quality of the product is also more unstable, these are the need to gradually solve, Only to do a good job in this area in order to carry out a purpose of the pursuit and development, but also to shorten the gap with the developed countries and the technical gap.

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