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5 Gallon Water Filling Machine

5 Gallon Filling Machine

Automatic 5 gallon filling machine integrates bottle washer, filler and sealer into one unit.

5 Gallon Filling Machine

In order to achieve the purpose of washing and sterilizing, bottle washer adopts multiple liquid injections washing and disinfectant spray. The sealer can seal bottle caps automatically.This filling line equips with water spraying device to sterilize caps of bottles in order to ensure those caps are aseptic and healthy. This 5 gallon water filling line also can automatically carry out bottle washing, sterilizing, filling, capping, counting and products discharging. 5 gallon filling machine has features of complete functional, novel design, and high degree of automation. 5 gallon water filling machine equipment is a new kind of barreled water auto-producing line, which integrates mechanism, electricity and pneumatics technologies together.

5 Gallon Filling Machine

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