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hot melt glue labeling machine

The hot melt glue labeling machine is suitable for the pasting of continuous labeling. It adopts partial coating method, which has low rubber consumption and low running cost. The production capacity can reach up to 30,000 bottles per hour. The hot melt glue labeling machine is produced by Chenyu Machinery. Because the machine adopts multi-top technology and high-performance actuators, a small inertia servo motor, the advanced affinity man-machine interface system is used to realize man-machine dialogue. In the process of controlling the feeding speed, the accuracy registration of 0.01 m/min can be achieved, instead of 1 m/min of the general machine. In this respect, the machine has improved the registration of two precisions; in terms of speed, this machine With ultra-small inertia servo motor, the speed can be adjusted in a wide range of any digital setting between 0.5-40 m / min to match the production speed of the production line, so as to truly tell the label.

hot melt glue labeling machine

The labeling machine manufactured by Chenyu Machinery Factory has a wide range of use, which can meet the full-circle labeling or semi-circle labeling of round bottles. The labeling between bottles is easy to switch and easy to adjust. The label has high degree of coincidence and the label is bypassed. The correction mechanism is adopted, the label is not biased, the labeling position x/y/z three directions and the inclination are adjusted in eight degrees of freedom, the adjustment has no dead angle, and the label coincidence degree is high.

hot melt glue labeling machine

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