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Chenyu Sauce/Paste/Jam Filling Machine

This sauce/paste/jam filling machine is specially made for all kinds of viscosity materials, such as chocolate paste,peanut butter, honey, butter, Mayonnaise, ketchup etc. All the contacted part with the material is high quality stainless steel. The filling machine adopts piston pump for filling. By adjusting the position pump, it can fill all of the bottles in one filling machine, with quick speed and high precision.


To ensure the bottles and filling nozzles are in the correct position, we add a special bottles position device to make the whole filling process smooth and stable. No bottle no filling.
Equip float valve level controller in the buffering tank to feed material automatically with mixing function to keep the material even and in certain temperature!
The filling nozzles are specialized made with vacuum back flow system to fulfill anti-drip.
The pump uses quick-fit removal Structure: easy cleaning and disinfection.

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