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Chenyu Filling Machinery’s Laser Inkjet Printer

Scribe CO2 laser printer can provide permanent high-quality inkjet (including text, variable data, logo and two-dimensional bar code). This technology is very suitable for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and health care industry, in the coated paper, coated metal and glass and other materials on the code.Chenyu filling machinery laser inkjet printer is suitable for water filling production line.
1.1,000 products per minute, without any external cooling (no cooling air or water).

Laser Inkjet Printer

2.consists of three separate parts: controller, laser cable and laser head. The compact and rugged laser head enables laser beam orientation from 0 ° to 90 ° and features a super flexible connection cable (6 or 9 meters).
3.Optimized laser performance with modular cooling, higher laser light source reliability and lower operating costs (no cooling air required).
4.Provide a variety of lens selection and diode to help locate, can be achieved with the effective integration of water filling production lines and multi-product standard code function.
5.Large-size color touch screen provides intuitive icons and shortcuts to ensure user-friendly operation.

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