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Chenyu Beverage Filling Production Line Machine-Vacuum Capping Machine

Chenyu beverage filling production line machinevacuum capping machine is researched and developed by our company with introducing advanced working principle and technology from America and Italy. Vacuum capping machine is combined with automatic cap arranging, covering and spary streams vacuum screwing. It features high degree of automation, easy operation. Vacuum capping machine is easy to adjust for change the bottles and caps; The torque of the cap and the degree of vacuum inside the bottle can be set to ensure that the vacuum reaches the standard; Made of stainless steel304, the components is easy to adjust; Using internationally renowned brands of electrical and pneumatic components to ensure that equipment performance is stable, reliable and durable.


The current global diversification of beverage machinery, beverage machinery in China is basically the introduction of water filling machine and technology developed on the basis of the eighties, the introduction of a variety of beverage machinery and equipment, beverage production line equipment. The main equipment of the beverage filling production line includes unpacking machine, bottle washing machine, water filling machine, vacuum capping machine, labeling machine, inkjet printer, gas-water mixer and cartoner.

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