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Characteristics of water filling machine

The water filling machine is divided into semi-automatic filling machine and automatic filling production line from the degree of automation produced. Classification of water filling machine according to the type of packaging,there are three main categories: bags, hoses and bottles,water filling machine selection and packaging are closely linked.
Experts pointed out that the Chinese beverage industry is a high growth industry, well-known brand drinks growth and stability, new technologies and types continue to emerge, new drinks grow faster and faster. At present, Chinese water filling machine has developed into the international food industry has a significant impact and great market share of the industry. Therefore, the water filling machine business development potential is endless. Chinese filling machinery should follow the rapid development of the beverage industry, and actively participate in international exchanges. Concerned that the future of filling machinery will be with the industry automation trends in the development of technology on the mechanical function of diversification, structural design standardization, modularization, intelligent control, high-precision structure in several directions. Therefore, the development of filling machinery for food, medicine, modern production and mass production of the supply of the necessary assurance, which once again proved that the development of water filling machine market potential.

water filling machine

water filling machine



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