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Bottle water filling machine video

About Big bottle filling machine

This Water Filling Machine is used for filling mineral water or pure water into the bottles (5-10 liters). In one machine, it finishes washing, filling and capping three processes.
Bottles are running on the conveyor belt with photo electricity, the bottle cylinder will go out, meanwhile push the bottle into bottle support ring, and bottle neck support catch the bottle neck, than main shaft turned 180degree under gear wheel. Let bottle’s mouth face to land, jetting water into bottle, after a few seconds, the main shaft will be back, than finishing the washing.
Washing finished bottle is conveyed into filling position , cylinder push and hold the plate which can hitch bottles , the mouth of bottle can open the valve , finishing filling , plate which can hitching bottle will running down, the valve will closed automatically, the time lasting of filling can be adjusted .
After filling there are 2 capping head, automatically capping. The capper will be screw type with 2 start neck finish.

Principal characters:
1) All the parts contacting the water and other liquid is made of stainless steel, whose surface is polished, easy to clean.
2) There are windows on front and back wall, and one wall on one side can be open, it’s convenient to watch, examine, fix and clean.
3) Special design of spraying head, spraying well-distributed, good for cleaning with cleansing liquid.
4) Adopting pressure filling, filling quickly, and liquid level stably controlled. All the sealing elements are in keeping with food sanitation standard.
5) The whole machine controlled by PLC, working stably and operating easily. Adopting frequency control.

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